Systematic Inspections

The county assessor is required to conduct systematic inspections to assure that the real property record data is accurate.

77-1311.03. County assessor; systematic inspection and review; adjustment required.  On or before March 19 of each year, each county assessor shall conduct a systematic inspection and review by class or subclass of a portion of the taxable real property parcels in the county for the purpose of achieving uniform and proportionate valuations and assuring that the real property record data accurately reflects the property, except beginning January 1, 2014, in any county with a population of at least on hundred fifty thousand inhabitants according to the most recent federal decennial census, the inspection and review shall be conducted on or before March 25.  The county assessor shall adjust the value of all other taxable real property parcels by class or sub class in the county so that the value of all real property is uniform and proportionate.  The county assessor shall determine the portions to be inspected and reviewed each year to assure that all parcels of real property in the county have been inspected and reviewed no less frequently than every six years.    Source:  Laws 2007.LB334.§ 100; Laws 2011.LB384.§ 9                                  

An assessment professional will visit your property to verify and update the information we have on file. Should you not be available, a Call Back Request will be left containing the information you need to contact our staff and office.

Systematic Inspection Map

To help the public determine where the systematic inspections will occur during the year we have created an interactive overlay map, Residential Assessment Systematic Inspections , with the designated residential neighborhoods highlighted. The public will be able to determine where we are currently working; what we have completed; and where we plan to be. Please call our office concerning rural and commercial inspection goals.

Man wearing a yellow vest

Assessment Professional

Safety is our top priority. Our professionals are dressed in a bright safety vest, identification badges, and drive Sarpy county vehicles. We follow our professionals with GIS tracking. Our staff includes the following field professionals:

  1. Scott Fryant

    Residential Data Collector
    Phone: 402-593-2135

  1. Dwayne Kennedy

    Residential Data Collector
    Phone: 402-593-4138

  1. Larry Houlton

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-2130

  1. Shane Grow

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-2360

  1. Shelia Carnes

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-4137

  1. Jameson McShane

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-1592

  1. Jackson Morris

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-4361

  1. Gregory Gage

    Residential Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-4362

  1. Tim Ederer

    Commercial Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-2126

  1. Melissa Delaine

    Commercial Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-2129

  1. Sarah Rushing

    Commercial Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-1566

  1. Marty Becker

    Agriculture Appraiser
    Phone: 402-593-4140