Sanitary & Improvement District (SID)

A Sanitary and Improvement District (SID) may be created when a developer buys land for a housing development. The SID can install streets, sewers and power, and can also buy land for public parks. To accomplish these tasks, the SID has the authority to issue bonds, levy taxes and special assessments, and fix rates for services.

SIDs are required to file the following documents with the municipality or county within whose zoning jurisdiction such district is located:

  • Annual budget documents
  • Articles of organization (also filed with the Clerk of the District Court)
  • Bond documents
  • List of SID officers
  • Meeting minutes
  • Resolutions of dissolution
  • Resolutions of merger

SID Board Members

To view the SID Board Members' contact information or SID documents on file with the County Clerk, visit the SID Lookup.