A Certificate of Title is required for all types of vehicles driven or moved on the highways and roads of the State of Nebraska unless the vehicle falls under the specific category of Motor Vehicles Exempt from Titling

To obtain a Certificate of Title, submit a completed Application for Certificate of Title (PDF) signed by all parties whose names are to appear on the title. The only exception to this are titles held by spouses, in which case either one, acting as an agent for the other, may sign the application. The fee for a Certificate of Title is $10 or $17 if there is a lien being noted.

NOTE: If you purchased a vehicle with an out-of-state title it will require a VIN inspection. The Sarpy County Sheriff's Vehicle Inspection office is located at 1102 E. 1st Street, Papillion, NE, hours are 8:00am. to 4:30pm., Monday through Friday. The fee for the Inspection is $10.00

Additional Nebraska Titling Information