Mental Health

Board of Mental Health Petition

A Board of Mental Health Petition may be filed on an individual who is a danger to himself/herself or other(s) due to mental illness or substance dependency. A mental health commitment is an involuntary commitment which requires a determination by a mental health professional that the subject is dangerous as well as mentally ill. The County Attorney's Office is not the Board of Mental Health, but is responsible for reviewing any information provided and initiating Mental Health Board proceedings, if appropriate.

There are two ways you can seek help for an individual you are concerned about:

  1. Emergency Protective Custody. If an individual is threatening harm either to themselves or to someone else, please call 911 for Emergency Protective Custody (EPC)
  2. If an individual is not threatening immediate harm, please see below for the Mental Health Board Intake Form. The completed form must be provided to the County Attorney's Office for review. The form can be faxed to 402-593-4359 or brought to the County Attorney's Office, Hall of Justice, 1210 Golden Gate Drive, Papillion. You must provide your contact information on any faxed form.


Call 402-593-2230 between 8 am and 4:30 pm during work days if you need assistance or have additional questions. If you need immediate assistance outside of normal business hours, please call 911.

Nebraska Revised Statute 71-962 - Violations; Penalty

Any person who willfully (1) files or causes to be filed a certificate or petition under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act, knowing any of the allegations thereof to be false, (2) deprives a subject of any of the rights granted the subject by either act or section 83-390, or (3) breaches the confidentiality of records required by section 71-961 shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor in addition to any civil liability which he or she may incur for such actions.