Quality Assurance

The Sarpy County Emergency Communications Department has developed a Quality Assurance and Quality Inspection (QA/QI) program to help us ensure that the agencies we dispatch for as well as our citizens are receiving our best level of service and to track that policies, procedures, and protocols are being followed. Our program is based on national standards established by APCO/NENA and Priority Dispatch®. We review a minimum of 2% of all calls for service in accordance with these national standards for the Call Taker position, and 3% of Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) calls in accordance with Priority Dispatch® standards.

For Call Taker QA evaluations, supervisors review two 911 calls per shift using a basic evaluation template that the dispatchers helped to establish. Based on these evaluations, we rate the quality of service that is being provided and make sure department policies and procedures are being followed. These evaluations provide us with information so that we can give recognition to dispatchers who consistently meet the highest standards while provide coaching, counseling or additional training to dispatchers who may need it.

Each week twenty-five EMD calls are reviewed and evaluated by Priority Dispatch®, the company that provides our EMD protocols. Using Priority Dispatch® to complete these evaluations ensures we are using the protocols correctly and allows us to provide dispatchers with timely feedback.

Law Radio Dispatch QA

Our next phase is the addition of Law Radio Dispatch QA. A committee of dispatchers have established the guidelines, standards, and scoring that will provide the evaluation template for supervisors to use to review Law Radio Dispatch performance. After Law Radio Dispatch QA is established, we will add Fire/EMS Radio Dispatch to our QA program. Completion of this last section will indicate that calls can be evaluated from the moment the 911 phone rings through radio dispatch and to final disposition.

  1. 2022 Call Data
  2. 2021 Call Data
  3. 2020 Call Data
  4. 2019 Call Data
  5. Percentage of Calls Answered  Within 10 Seconds
  6. Percentage of High Priority Medical Calls Dispatched Within 90 Seconds

911 Call Volume:

Calls ReceivedAmount
Wireless 911 Calls Received52,080  (84%)
Wireline 911 Calls Received10,123 (16%)
Total 911 Calls62,203
  • Average 911 calls per day = 170

Non-Emergency & Administrative Calls

Incoming Non-Emergency/Administrative Calls64,740
Outgoing Administrative Calls49,080
Total Administrative Calls113,820
  • Average administrative calls per day = 312