Victim's Rights

Victims of Crime Have Rights in Nebraska

Since May 25, 1981, Nebraska law has recognized the needs and rights of crime victims and witnesses. You have a right as a crime victim or witness to:

  • Be informed about the criminal justice system and to be updated about the progress of your case.
  • Be informed about the possibilities of financial assistance and the availability of social services.
  • Be treated with dignity, courtesy, and compassion by the criminal justice system.
  • Be protected from intimidation and future harm.
  • Be informed of the final disposition of the case and to receive extended pertinent defendant information from the State Parole Board.
  • Be escorted to court appearances.
  • Be notified if your presence is not needed in court.
  • Intercession services relative to employers, school, or financial obligations.
  • Be provided a secure waiting area during court proceedings.
  • Have personal property returned when it is no longer needed as evidence.
  • Have input with the prosecution regarding pleas and with written or verbal input prior to sentencing.