SID Elections

2022 Sanitary Improvement District (SID) Election Calendar

Date Item Duration Statute
6/1/2022 Election Commissioner Determines SIDs to hold Election No later than June 1st 31-735.05
6/27/2022 Election Commission Provides List of Property Owners to Clerks Not more than 80 days prior to the Election 31-735
7/1/2022 Election Commission Notifies SID Clerks of Election On or before July 1st 31-735.05
7/11/2022  Deadline for SID Clerk to Send Notice of Election to District Owners Not later than 65 days prior to the election 31-735
7/25/2022 Candidate Filing Deadling No later than 50 days prior to the election 31-735
8/24/2022 Deadline to Mail Ballots to Entitled Voters At least 20 days prior to the election 31-735
9/13/2022 SID Election Day First Tuesday after the second Monday in September 31-735
9/13/2022 Ballot Return Deadline, 5:00 p.m. No later than 5:00 p.m. on Election Day 31-735
11/10/2022  Deadline for Election Commission to bill Attorneys  Within 60 days after the election 31-735.05
1/11/2023 Deadline for SID Attorneys to Pay for Election Costs Within 60 days of receipt of bill 31-735.05